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Energy Consumers benefit

To the Editor:

Minnesota’s energy consumers came out of this year’s legislative session as the beneficiaries of landmark legislation that will help their pocketbooks, and Minnesota’s environment, for years to come. Legislators from both sides of the aisle came together and passed the most significant and advantageous reform to Minnesota’s energy efficiency standards, a cornerstone of the state’s energy policy, since the standards were implemented.

Federated Rural Electric applauds representatives, Rod Hamilton and Bjorn Olson, along with senators, Julie Rosen and Bill Weber, for looking out for consumers and voting in favor of the Energy Conservation and Optimization (ECO) Act (H.F. 164). This essential legislation modernizes Minnesota’s outdated energy efficiency standards and will help consumers lower their energy bills through money-saving programs, such as water heating and space heating and cooling. Plus, the provisions in the bill encourage the adoption of advancement in technology by expanding the value of load management programs to include electric vehicles, energy storage and time-of-use rates.

I’m proud of the leadership role Minnesota’s electric cooperatives played in working with a broad-based stakeholder group to create legislation that will benefit energy consumers in every corner of the state.

Federated is particularly excited about the improved benefits we will be able to pass along directly to our member-consumers because of the proactive provisions in the ECO Act. Along with giving electric cooperative’s more flexibility to help their members save money, the legislation provides better tools for reducing carbon emissions.

Please join me in thanking Representatives Hamilton and Olson and Senators Rosen and Weber who all voted to pass the ECO Act. Their progressive leadership will translate into real savings for consumers and benefits to the environment. That’s the true definition of a win-win for Minnesotans.

Scott Reimer

General Manager, Federated Rural Electric


Thankful for kindness

To the Editor:

On Saturday, May 29, Ruth and I went to the Green Mill Restaurant for supper. I had a Marine Corps sweatshirt and cap on. There was a man and woman and two children a couple of booths away from us. We finished our meals and I was ready to pay. Our waitress said that our meals were paid for. She wouldn’t say who paid it.

As the family was leaving, the man said “Thank you for your service.” I thanked him back. He evidently was the one who paid for our meals. What a wonderful gift.

When I finished my four years in the Marines on July 4, 1970, we never heard those words. It was a different world back then with all the war protests. So, it means a lot now. Thank you to that family for our meals and for your thoughtful words.

Sgt. Kenneth Kabage



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