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Christmas letter

To the Editor:

I grew up in Fairmont and my parents still live there. My father, Dan Kehrberg, has been writing Christmas letters for over 50 years, but this year’s letter is a little different but extremely thought-provoking in my opinion. I hope you find it timely and meaningful. Here it is:

2020 – Oh what a year

Few hopes and many a fear

Who knew what a virus could do

With lives lost and business askew

With whom did you agree and take an alliance?

With doubt and conspiracy or data and science?

Were you siding with Trump or listening to Fauci?

Yet maintaining your sanity without getting grouchy

Can’t we agree on one simple task?

We can keep people healthy by donning a mask

Is it really so hard to socially distance?

Or are we objecting by taking a stance?

It “sucks” – not getting together with friends

Netflix and eating have become the new trends

I think you’ll agree and know what I mean

When I say, “Holy cow, can we get a vaccine?”

We are hoping that life can quickly resume

Over the fear and predictions of gloom

Not celebrating with family this Holiday season

Should provide incentive and a good enough reason

Kids are missing out by not being in school

And on-line learning just isn’t so cool

Teachers and parents are adjusting as well

To an ever changing COVID schedule

America has seen too much violence

Burning and looting just make no sense

Let’s move forward with hope and optimism

For love and respect can end this schism

So, can we take a step back and reassess?

And just ask God to “Bless this mess”

2021 has got to be a better year

So, “hang in there,” as its soon to be here

Amy Halvorson



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