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Good news about voting

To the Editor:

We want to share with the community, and our local voting officials, our appreciation during our recent absentee ballot voting experience. This was the first time requesting absentee ballots for either of us. Given the alarm about our ballots not being counted or received by the USPS, we elected to drop our ballots off at the Martin County Courthouse a couple of weeks ago. My husband has only been a resident of Martin County for two and a half years however, he did vote in person in 2018 in Fairmont. He received a phone call this week that his vote was not valid. He discovered that when he voted in 2018, he was still waiting for his Minnesota driver’s license to arrive in the mail, so had his previous state license on file. The ballots did not require witness signatures this year, so it did not get signed as would usually be required. Fortunately, my husband was able to go into the polling station on State Street and was able to re-vote. He had a great experience with very helpful staff and was impressed. We are both grateful we voted early enough to be able to deal with this hiccup and have his vote count. Make your vote count too.

Siri and Chris Kabrick


Loughmiller will do well

To the Editor:

I am supporting Joe Loughmiller for the Ward 2 Council seat in Fairmont. I have known Joe for several years and knew I would be backing him as soon as I heard he was running. Joe has been involved in several other volunteer positions in the community. I got to know him first when our kids were in 4-H together.

As someone who has done what Joe is seeking to do, I believe he has the intelligence to do the job. But more importantly, he has the temperament and thoughtfulness that we need on the council. I believe he will seek input from many stakeholders. He has already demonstrated this by reaching out to management and employees of the city, as well as others involved on various boards and commissions. He won’t just go along with the crowd and won’t be bullied into voting a certain way. Likewise, Joe will work with others to do what is right for our community without bullying anyone.

If you live in Ward 2, please join me in voting for Joe Loughmiller.

Joe Kallemeyn



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