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Supporting Ruth Cyphers

To the Editor:

When a resident of Ward 2, it was always a rewarding experience to call my City Council person, Ruth Cyphers, whenever questions regarding concerns, arising from a variety of situations arose. Those included city policies, building or yard maintenance, infrastructure, as well as city-wide events.

In most cases, rarely did I receive a quick “cookie cutter” response, but rather it became a discussion, during which Councilor Cyphers listened, asked questions for a better understanding of what my issues were and thanked me for the call. Usually within the week, she returned the call with clarifications and even some alternatives for my issues.

I found Councilor Cyphers to be a practical and consistent representative whose perception of individual issues went beyond a quick response. To me, it reflects a political maturity that leads to working with other parts of city government, and then moving forward to further enhance the concept of progress through cooperation.

Councilor Cyphers represents the values of hard work, knowledge, experience and personal maturity needed to continue the progressive plans of the city of Fairmont.

Harlan Gorath



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