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Backing Bjorn Olson

To the Editor:

I have not been this excited to exercise my constitutional right to vote in many years. When Bjorn Olson threw his hat in the ring last January, I realized there could not be a better candidate to serve Minnesota House District 23A than Bjorn.

I first met Bjorn during the endorsing convention process earlier this year. He immediately impressed me with not only his resume as a farmer, teacher, captain and commander in the reserves — and mayor — but also his qualities of hard work and the ability to be successful in all aspects of his life. He has experience in nearly everything that we care about here in rural Minnesota and will be able to influence legislation based off that experience.

I watched the candidate forum that the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce put on last week and was very impressed by Bjorn’s knowledge of the issues and how he communicates. I know that Bjorn Olson will be such a great representative of us and our way of life. He will fight hard every day for our values and I am so excited to vote for him this year. I hope you will vote for Bjorn as well.

Elijah Lippert


Sign of our times

To the Editor:

I am saddened by the fact that a sign can anger so many to the point of action. Where is that action when people, God’s people, see the moral decline of the United States of America.

The current culture of the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, is under attack by vulgar language, behavior and visuals so much more offensive than a sign. I feel this sign has used the right description of what the Democratic Party considered as a peaceful transfer of power. There was no peaceful transfer of power in 2016. Impeachment started immediately, and continued the full four years. We taxpayers paid for that. Is that what you want your tax dollars to pay for?

The people spoke. Our country was on track for socialism, but Donald Trump messed that up. Whether you like this president or not, he has given you back your say. He is fighting to keep you free. Free to say and believe what you think.

We are all fallen human beings, and for us to say others’ sins are worse than our own is summed up in the word of God: “Why worry about a speck in the eye of a brother (Donald Trump), when you have a board in your own?” Matthew 7:3. God is the judge of sin. This life on Earth is a journey down the straight path that God has for us. We are who make the path crooked. God knit me in my mother’s womb, like each and everyone of us. Like all the babies whose lives are ended by abortion. God has a plan and purpose for each and everyone of those babies. To invent, to cure, to teach, to discover, to reach, and to tell of Him. It’s not our right to stop that.

A woman has a choice, and that choice is to do all that she can to prevent getting pregnant if she is not ready to receive the precious gift of a baby. It’s 2020. Self-control can go a long way but, if not, most birth control products are 99 percent effective. Babies should not have to die for one’s lust of the flesh.

President Donald Trump also believes this. Ask yourself: Do you want a president who claims to be a Catholic but says he will keep abortion in place, up to the baby’s birth day? I recently heard a speaker say: If the election was only determined by the life of the unborn, it would be easy to pick your president.

Offensive: Abortion of God’s people, child pornography, sex slave trade of women and children, most movies, TV and news these days. There are fights worth fighting. Let’s get behind the ones that can make change for the good of God’s people. Let’s stop being so easily offended by a word most people have said or thought in their lifetime.

Linda Schultze



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