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Letter writer nailed it

To the Editor:

Some letters to the editor are right on. Jo Smith’s “Study, then vote” is an outstanding letter. Go back to the Friday, Oct. 9, edition of the Sentinel and re-read her letter. Thanks, Jo.

Muriel Klenz


Back Bjorn Olson

To the Editor:

I am so thankful that those of us living in District 23A have Bjorn Olson running for the Minnesota House of Representatives. He not only brings knowledge and leadership experience to the job, but honesty, integrity and a desire to serve.

Bjorn is a Blue Earth Area school teacher and coach, a farmer, the mayor of Elmore, a captain in the U.S. Army Reserve and commander of the 353rd Transportation Unit responsible for the well-being of 150 soldiers.

He is also a husband and proud father of two young children.

Bjorn Olson’s experience in all these areas gives him knowledge and understanding of the problems faced by schools, farmers, rural cities, those in military service and families. It takes a hard-working person to juggle all these responsibilities. That being said, he also has spent numerous hours the last several months door-knocking and talking to community members throughout our House district, listening to our concerns and what we want from our representative in St. Paul.

Bjorn Olson, along with our other Republican candidates for office, believes in our democratic republic, the Constitution, law and order, the right to life and our Second Amendment rights. If you believe as they do, I encourage you to join me in voting for Bjorn Olson and the other Republicans running for office: Julie Rosen, Minnesota Senate; Jim Hagedorn, U.S. House; Jason Lewis, U.S. Senate; and Donald J. Trump for President.

Carol Henning


MRCI moves ahead

To the Editor:

In March 2020, for the first time in more than 65 years, MRCI did not open its doors and was not able to serve individuals with disabilities in the Fairmont community. When the pandemic hit, MRCI was serving individuals in communities across southern Minnesota. Our buildings served as transportation hubs, training sites, work sites and a place for enriching activities for the population we serve.

As a member of the MRCI board of directors and Faribault County Commission, I can tell you that when COVID forced us to close our doors, it weighed heavy on our hearts. What would the more than 100 individuals who participated daily in MRCI services in Fairmont do now?

Motivated by our mission to provide innovative and genuine opportunities for individuals with disabilities, we got to work to find ways to continue to serve those we care about.

I am proud and excited to announce that on Sept. 28, MRCI’s training program (Track for Success) re-opened with face-to-face services in Fairmont with safety protocols in place. Additionally, later this month, we will open a new and innovative community-based day service program for individuals. We will share more about this in coming months, but for now please say yes when called to ask to volunteer.

For our neighbors who do want to work, we are supporting their personal goals to get them working competitively in jobs throughout Fairmont area when they are ready.

Speaking of Fairmont, I think you will join me in celebrating our area businesses that have stepped up to employ those we serve. Thank you for seeing what is possible. It was always MRCI’s long-term plan to have everyone we serve integrated into the community. And this program is another step in that direction.

The truth is, though, some of our clients never stopped working. Deemed essential workers, they persevered even as COVID kept many of us home.

I just want to take this space to thank the community and to tell MRCI and the people it serves how proud I am and eager for the community to see what the “new” MRCI can do.

Bill Groskreutz

MRCI board member

and Faribault County




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