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Cyphers is a treasure

To the Editor:

The purpose of this letter is to make sure the citizens in Ward 2 in Fairmont understand what a treasured prize you have in Ruth Cyphers as your current City Council representative.

I had the chance to meet Ms. Cyphers when I had some questions about some topics that were to be discussed at a council meeting and my own representative was not available. I discovered that Ms. Cyphers took the time to listen and hear what concerns I had. She said that she needed to do some research in order to answer my questions; and, she promised to get back to me with an answer or solution.

During her past four years on the council, I have had any number of times to pick her brain about issues that affect the entire community of Fairmont. Ms. Cyphers has learned any number of paths to travel as she seeks solutions/answers to the many topics that come before the City Council. Her response times have become more quickly over this time.

It is not surprising that Ruth and I have become friends even though I am not lucky enough to live in Ward 2. Nevertheless, I have discovered that this lady possess a number of qualities that make her the successful businesswoman as the creator of SewMfg & AdMfg. Her generosity with her time is evident as an astute council representative, not only for Ward 2, but for all of us in Fairmont. Ruth shares her kind, gentle spirit through the integrity with which she conducts her businesses. She is cognizant of people’s feelings; and is honest and fair with her employees, customers, constituents and friends.

Ward 2 people: I truly hope you know how lucky you are to be represented by Ruth Cyphers. Find her name on your ballot when you vote on Nov. 3. It will give her the opportunity to finish some of the projects/topics that are now in place on the next agendas of the City Council.

Alice M. Maday



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