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A war between good, evil

To the Editor:

We are in a war of good versus evil. I can only hope that you are on the side of good.

Some would choose to kill little babies as late as their birth day. That’s not good. Some would smash windows, burn and destroy businesses. That’s not good. Some would support to defund the police instead of defend the police. That’s not good. Some would have open borders. That’s not good. Some would take more of your money so they can distribute it where they see fit. That’s not good. Some would raise taxes and put regulations on businesses so bad as to drive them and our jobs out of our country again. That’s not good. So many other issues in the new Democratic platform are not good.

If you think you are voting for Joe Biden, think again. If he were to get elected, the Dems would declare him incompetent and Kamala Harris and her radicals would take over.

Judge our President on his fruits, his promises made and kept. Donald Trump and Mike Pence are good for us.

Neither do we need another Pelosi puppet in Dan Feehan. Jim Hagedorn is good.

Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for he is good.

Gary Ricard



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