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Hawkins was helpful

To the Editor:

Fairmont voters:

I would like to tell you about my dealings with Fairmont Councilman Tom Hawkins.

I purchased a building in city limits with the intentions of relocating my business there. Unknown to me, the building was not in the correct zone for my business. I had to go through the process of rezoning this property.

After my first initial attempt with the zoning department, I was told that was not an option. Then I really didn’t know where to turn, so I made some phone calls to people I knew on the planning and zoning board, and I also reached out to Tom since he was the liaison to the board from the City Council. After a couple conversations with them, it was starting to become clear that this was a possibility, and eventually did become a reality.

The point of that story is to tell you that had I not called Tom and told him about my issues, I felt like I just purchased a building for nothing. He really dug in and did the research to help make this happen. He really does care about the business in Fairmont because I have never bought a car from Tom, nor has Tom ever utilized my services. Tom and I have a mutual respect and we don’t always agree on things, but he is willing to listen to anyone, talk it out, and do what is right for everyone involved. He understands the importance of keeping business in town and looking toward the future on what we can do to create more opportunities for business.

I cannot vote for Tom as I do not live in town, and do not get a vote as a business owner. So that is why I am writing this. Tom is there, he is established and he has already started to do what some of the other candidates have only talked about doing. In my opinion, that carries a lot of value because he has the experience on what it takes to get things accomplished.

Thank you and remember your vote counts.

Adam Garbers


Study, then vote

To the Editor:

Everyone who has the privilege to vote should vote. Everyone also has the responsibility to know what their vote is supporting. A vote shows your support for the person, the party and the platform. Research each party to understand their agendas and which one most resembles how you think.

Do you think a peaceful protest is burning, looting, stealing and shooting others or do you think a peaceful protest is a quiet march with people carrying flags and signs and telling what they are protesting?

Do you think abortion, selling baby parts for profit is just fine, or do you feel you are more comfortable with abortion being for rape, incest and saving the mother?

Do you like open borders that can bring in diseases, human trafficking, drug lords and gang members, many of them demanding our government subsidies, often shorting our U.S. citizens, or do you feel safer having people come here through legal immigration?

Do you want a huge raise in taxes to fund everyone with free college, free insurance, free medical services, etc., or would you like lower taxes so you keep more of your money and spend it as you wish?

Do you feel like burning the flag, Bibles and churches is your privilege or do you feel it is disrespectful and should not be allowed?

Do you think defunding the police is a smart idea or do you think retraining and adding more police officers would be an advantage?

It seems to be a time when many people feel the U.S. is a terrible country; maybe it is a time for relocating. There are many countries to choose as their new home. We are not living in a “business as usual” world but we still have many blessings.

If you believe in prayer then pray, pray and pray some more. Thanks for voting … God bless the USA.

Jo Smith


Time for a change

To the Editor:

COVID-19 is no longer something that Americans can wish away. I hope with the president’s diagnosis, more Americans are seeing this as an “equal opportunity” virus, and not some liberal hoax. And while I’m no Donald Trump fan, I would not wish COVID-19 on anyone.   

Someone close to me had COVID. It was awful. She said she felt like she was inhaling dust with every breath she took. She had terrible fevers, night sweats (and day sweats), loss of taste, loss of smell, pain in her chest (she said she felt like a truck was parked on her chest) and extreme fatigue. It was very hard to not be able to be with her, to only have a few video chats while she was sick. Her husband also had it, and her mother-in-law and father-in-law as well. Her father-in-law almost died. Thankfully, he is on the road to recovery.

I’m also angry. I’m angry that the United States of America, which has 4 percent of the world’s population, has 20 percent of the COVID cases. I’m angry that the President of the United States repeatedly downplayed the seriousness of this virus.I’m angry that he made fun of people for wearing masks. I’m angry that he repeatedly said COVID would just magically disappear. 

I’m not angry that the president was in the best hospital, receiving the best care, the best treatment medications that normal people did not receive. The President of the United States deserves this excellent treatment. I’m angry that he was surrounded by staff, doctors, nurses, staff and others while millions of Americans suffered in isolation. I’m angry that over 200,000 Americans are dead from this virus, while the president joked about its severity.   

I am angry. Angry that in the United States of America, the richest nation in the world, our leaders have not worked to control this virus. Hundreds of thousands have died needlessly. And we are not out of this yet.

If you are angry, if you have watched a loved one struggle to breathe, if you have any empathy for your fellow man at all, you will have to see that this administration has completely fumbled the ball on COVID-19. As Donald Trump asked in 2016, “What have you got to lose?” The answer is everything.

It’s time to make a change, and that change is Joe Biden. That change is Dan Feehan. That change is Pat Bacon. The status quo will not change anything, but these people will.

And President Trump will be fine, which I am thankful for. If he begins to take a backwards slide, a good slug of Clorox should do the trick.

Staci Thompson

Blue Earth


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