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Backing Pat Bacon

To the Editor:

I am writing again in support of Pat Fahey Bacon’s candidacy for Minnesota House District 23A.

In our troubled times, please put aside the usual labels that divide us. Pat is a person of integrity, a listener as well as a doer, whom I strongly believe can work to unite with others to make our local area, as well as Minnesota, better.

I would also like to say a big thank you to the staff in our County Auditor/Treasurer’s office, election judges/officials and postal employees for their dedicated work in this difficult election season.

Linda Shaw


Biden unqualified

To the Editor:

After the first presidential debate, CNN and the other letter communication groups of the DNC, using many duplicate and repetitive terms furnished by the DNC, praised Joe Biden’s performance in such glowing terms that it almost made one’s eyes tear up. However, they very deftly avoided mentioning a couple of Joe’s other “qualifications.”

First, Joe Biden was No. 2 man in the Obama-Biden administration that planned and committed what many observers have called the greatest political crime ever perpetrated in this country: that of an outgoing administration trying to overturn a duly elected and installed President of the United States. Some have called it a series of treasonous acts; others referred to the matter as sedition. Either way, these were not acceptable acts involving many as-yet unpunished violations of the law, and were certainly not in keeping with our tradition of a peaceful transition of power following an election.

Secondly, Joe was No. 2 man in the cabal which, when the Benghazi mission was being attacked, coldly abandoned the 40 members of the Benghazi mission to their fates rather than to attempt any kind of rescue or to send any aid whatsoever. This was done despite repeated, pleading calls for assistance from personnel in the mission. There was plenty of time for O-B to have sent help, about 13 hours between the two assaults, but sending help would have revealed the lie behind the Obama-Biden sham narrative that they had Al-Qaeda “on the run.” Some observers have indicated that the second assault was probably undertaken only after Al-Qaeda had ensured, by checking communications on then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s personal unsecured email server, that no armed assistance would be given to the mission personnel and a second strike could therefore be undertaken in relative safety. Obama later referred to the murder of four members of the mission as “just a bump in the road.”

By these acts alone, Joe Biden has demonstrated his total disdain for our Constitution, laws and traditions and for the responsibility of elected officials to be truthful to the citizens of this country. With his current actions, he has clearly shown that he places more value in socialism and party than in expanding the opportunities offered by a free America. In no case has he shown himself to be worthy of the honor bestowed upon him by being able to run for the office of the President of the United States.

Harold King


Flowers touching fence

To the Editor:

My husband and I bought a home 16 years ago through the MURL program administrated by MVAC. The program was designed to buy a home and fix it up. This improved the neighborhood and provided a home for a family that might not otherwise be able to become homeowners. We felt blessed to have this opportunity.

Over the 16 years, we have planted a lot of flowers, fruit trees and a garden. The flowers and trees have special meaning to us. One story is that my dad planted a lilac tree under the window of my sister’s and mine bedroom when we were small children. He said that now we would have something pretty to smell. My husband, Eugene, planted a lilac tree in memory of my dad.

HUD/HRA bought the property on the north side of our home. They built a duplex. We were very happy because it provided two families with a very nice home.

This summer, HRA decided to install a chain link fence between their property and ours. They ripped out my lilac tree and flowers that they said were on their land. I found a letter in our rose bush a week ago. It stated that our flowers were touching their fence and we would have to take care of this, or they would do it.

I called Gail Diede, HRA executive director, and Fairmont City Council member Tom Hawkins. They did not return my calls.

HRA’s maintenance employees came. I went out to talk to them about their plans. They started yelling at me and told me that it is illegal for our flowers to touch their fence.

Polly Anna Mosloski


Togetherness missing

To the Editor:

In the first week of June 1941, my dad graduated from the University of South Dakota, married my mom and was inducted into the Army. During the next five years, he served in the Pacific in a unit that set a record for consecutive days in combat, nearly died of typhus fever and won the Bronze Star. His story was similar to that of many of the men of his generation.

On the homefront, Americans rationed gasoline and food, and sacrificed for the war effort. Some drove on old tires filled with corn because rubber was best put to use elsewhere. Most did these things willingly to sacrifice for the greater good. While rights were important, social responsibility was even more so. There was a sense that everyone was in this together.

While reading a stack of letters dad wrote during the war, I realized that not once did he complain about his rights being infringed upon, his right to start a business, his right to start a family, his right to enjoy the most vibrant years of his youth.

Today we face our own national crisis: a pandemic that has claimed over 200,000 American lives, nearly half the American total in World War II. Yet the sense of being in this together seems strangely absent. Is social distancing or wearing a mask really a threat to our “rights” and our “freedom”? Or is it a small price to pay to keep others safe? I would suggest that we aren’t being asked to storm the beaches of Normandy or plant the flag at Iwo Jima.

Dave Sorenson



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