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Angered by aid to city

To the Editor:

Reading in Saturday’s paper that Fairmont received $766,000-plus for virus aid angered me. Their words that they are just covering their costs is just typical of the people who run this town. Makes me wonder if they meant they are padding their pockets first.

Putting some aside for city workers who may or may not get the virus is asinine. In my opinion, the businesses that had to shut down because of the virus should get some of that money. The revolving economic fund does nothing for tapped-out businesses that are still battling 50 percent or more loss.

This town has taxed the citizens of Fairmont for everything and anything they want done. How is this town so broke? Too many six-figure salaries is where our money goes. Too much spending on things that could have waited and too high of salaries paid to city officials is why this town is in dire straits.

Norma Conn


Mini golf expanding

To the Editor:

Kids Just Want to Have Fun is excited to announce its plan for expansion of the current 9-hole miniature golf course. The additional 9 holes will directly connect to the current course and the group is looking for hole sponsors and other financial support at this time.

Hole sponsorship will be available on a first-come, first-served basis by emailing fairmontareaminigolf@gmail.com beginning Monday.

Hole sponsorship includes naming rights via signage at each hole and creative input on obstacles, with a $1,500 donation. Other monetary donations may be used toward purchase of equipment and benches. Donations of $100 or more will receive naming rights on the display board at the course.

Monetary donations are tax-deductible and may be dropped off or mailed to the following locations: Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce, 323 E. Blue Earth Ave., Fairmont, MN 56031; or Fairmont City Hall, 100 Downtown Plaza, P.O. Box 705, Fairmont, MN, 56031, with checks made payable to: Kids Just Want to Have Fun.

Thank you for your consideration of supporting this project.

Laura Olsen


Exercise your right

To the Editor:

Voting will look different this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is still our right to fill out a ballot.

With this being a presidential year, the expectation, as history has shown, is that voter turnout will be higher than non-presidential election years. We will most likely still be affected by the pandemic in November, so what are our options for voting? Well, there are quite a few options, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office. Regardless of your political persuasion or feelings about voting, here are some options to consider:

o Vote in person at your local polling place on Nov. 3;

o Vote early by mail using an absentee ballot;

o Vote early in person using an absentee ballot — contact your county election office for more information; or,

o Agent delivery — this final seven days before election option is for individuals who reside in a nursing home, assisted living, group home or other similar types of residence or who are homebound.

Elections offices will be working on outreach to educate the public on different forms of voting. They are encouraging people to vote early using an absentee ballot.

If you have questions on voting, you can review information at MNVotes.org or contact the Secretary of State’s elections line at (651) 215-1440. Once again, this is a right that we have, and we encourage everyone to get out to vote.

Jason W. Swanson,

executive director,

Minnesota River Area

Agency on Aging



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