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Trump avoided draft

To the Editor:

Last Saturday, a parade ran through Fairmont. The purpose was to celebrate the placing of a 1966 Bell Cobra attack helicopter at the Martin County Veterans Memorial on Winnebago Avenue. Many people worked hard for a long time to finally have this parade and memorial that rightly honors the sacrifice that men and women made in Vietnam for our country during that most difficult time 50 years.

Although I was unable to make the parade, a friend told me about something I thought odd. He showed me a photo of a big bus in the parade with campaign signs on it and photographs of the current president of the United States, as well as local politicians running for election this fall.

The current president, when a young man (22 years old in 1968), managed to avoid going to the war. He avoided the military draft five times, “but it wasn’t uncommon for young men from influential families to do so during the Vietnam War.” (Business Insider 12/26/2018). The fifth diagnosis was for a bone spur. The doctor who made the diagnosis was a “foot doctor in Queens who rented his office from Mr. Trump’s father, Fred C. Trump … a suggestion that the diagnosis was granted as a courtesy to the elder Mr. Trump.” (New York Times, 12/26/2018).

Peter Engstrom


Confident in Sukalski

To the Editor:

Thank you to Tim Hamp of Fairmont for his recent letter to the editor confirming the Republican endorsement process failed on May 19 for Minnesota House 23A and that there was no legal constitutional endorsement.

I too was an elected delegate participating in the virtual/online endorsing convention, and I have more facts to present.

Before voting began during the May 19 endorsing convention, the nominations committee reported to the delegates that two of its seven voting committee members had reservations about Bjorn Olson’s candidacy — Olson did not have their full trust and confidence. They did not report why those two members felt Olson was ill-equipped to represent our district or allow delegates to question their reservations.

I would also like to point out that Olson never publicly announced that he would abide by an endorsement.

The nominations committee reported that candidate Michael Sukalski did have the full trust and confidence of all seven members of the nominations committee.

I too have full trust and confidence in Michael Sukalski and will be voting for him in the primary election on Aug. 11.

Michael Sukalski is a person of integrity and honesty. He explained to the delegates and in a video on Facebook why he continued his run in the primary. The primary is a fundamental aspect of our system where the voters as a whole can choose who they believe will best represent them. I believe that person is Michael Sukalski.

Bob Minscer


Backing Bjorn Olson

To the Editor:

I am writing in support of our proven pro-life, pro-second amendment Republican-endorsed candidate for Minnesota House: Bjorn Olson.

Bjorn has been out door-knocking all throughout the district. He is going door to door to meet community members, listen to their concerns and to share why he is the best candidate to represent us in St. Paul.

When you meet Bjorn, one thing is very clear: he is dedicated to service. Bjorn loves our country and our community, that is why he serves as a captain in the Army Reserve. As a father of two young children, Bjorn believes in the sanctity of life and is devoted to protecting children and ensuring they are equipped to succeed in life. This is why Bjorn is a passionate pro-life candidate and chose to serve as a local middle school teacher, cross country coach and Knowledge Bowl coach.

I knew that Bjorn is the mayor of Elmore and a farmer, but I was surprised to learn he is also the vice president of the Friends of the Elmore Library and on the board of directors for the Faribault County Historical Society. Bjorn Olson is dedicated to serving our community and is a proven leader — we need to send him to be a strong voice for us in St. Paul. Join me in voting for Bjorn Olson in the primary on Aug. 11.

Glen Gaylord

Blue Earth

Still shaking my head

To the Editor:

On July 20, Michael Sulkowski (Sukalski) wrote an email to all the Republican House District 23A delegates who had been elected to the original endorsing convention. He wrote: “Honesty and integrity are essential to me …”

He wanted to have the convention re-convened for one more vote, and then said: “I offered to have the situation remedied by holding one more vote, where I would rescind myself from convention to allow for a 100% vote in Bjorn’s favor.”

Frankly, I am still shaking my head and wondering why if he wanted to rescind, why we are going through this entire heart-breakingly destructive process in which local party members are at odds with each other and long-time friendships are being ended?

I believe Sukalski’s placement of campaign signs, hundreds of them, are mostly 70% to 80% illegal. The public will see this as the Republicans doing it when the local party prides itself on following the state and local laws regarding campaign sign placement. It makes us look bad.

If Sukalski wanted to rescind, why all of the signs being put out, why does he have surrogates submitting letters to the editor that tell untruths about the endorsing convention, and bad mouths candidate Bjorn for things he has never done?

If I have cemented anything into my being through this sad campaign of honesty and integrity it is that right is right and wrong is wrong.

Jack H. Hansen


Send Olson to St. Paul

To the Editor:

Over the last month, Republican-endorsed candidate for Minnesota House District 23A, Bjorn Olson, has been working hard, crisscrossing the district to meet voters in every community and attend local events. His campaign has knocked on more than 3,000 doors and traveled more than 5,000 miles within the district.

I know Bjorn personally and can testify that he is a man of strong character. His love for family, community and country is why he is running to represent 23A.

Bjorn is a passionate pro-life candidate. His two children have shown him that life is precious and must be protected. Bjorn is pro-second amendment, he is a proud gun-owner and soldier. Bjorn has a proven record of service to our community: he serves as a teacher, mayor, coach and captain in the Army Reserve.

We don’t need just a loud voice in St. Paul. We need a strong voice and someone who has the experience to fight for us on day one. We need someone whose words are backed up by actions. We need someone who abides by his promises and who is invested in this community. This is why I am voting for Bjorn Olson in the Aug. 11 primary. Please join me in sending a proven leader to St. Paul.

Tom Nelson


former 23A Republican candidate


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