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Scrutinize candidates

To the Editor:

I have concerns about the Republican-endorsed candidate for Minnesota House District 23A. Voters need to scrutinize the candidates. Look at their websites and campaign postings.

Mr. Olson has done little to reach out. Is he capable of working hard, having an understanding of constituents concerns? His website is generic, revealing nothing pertinent. Visit Elmore, talk with citizens for an accurate description of his involvement. He doesn’t attend community functions, doesn’t acknowledge people on the street or at school.

Read his arrogance in a Faribault County Register interview (10/31/2016) while campaigning for mayor of Elmore, claiming authority to direct the National Guard to tear down abandoned houses. It sounded impressive. Unfortunately, it never happened.

His claim of taking Elmore from $120,000 deficit to $23,000 surplus in one year is misleading. YSI Academy closed unexpectedly that year causing a $120,000 tax loss. A new well was needed. Voting “no” each year to increase taxes isn’t a solution and isn’t good leadership. It was a means to pad his political resume.

Mike Sukalski has been traveling across the district meeting with farmers, business owners and the general public every week. He’s an active member with leadership roles in 12 local organizations. He cares about the people in this district and makes a dedicated effort to see and hear us. His stand is clear, concise and publicly posted. He takes a firm stand on issues, is approachable, willing to listen.

Ask yourself if you want someone with ambition and convictions to work for you as our representative or someone trying to slide in on Rep. Gunther’s coattails.

Lorrie Bosma

Blue Earth


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