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Republicans will speak

To the Editor:

On June 24, the Sentinel reported: “[State Rep. Bob] Gunther said he believes it is important for the electorate at large to know that Republicans in District 23A already have spoken, by saying they want Olson.” I respectfully disagree.

Rep. Gunther’s statement is based on the misleading results of the online May 19 endorsing convention during which, after six rounds of voting and a rounding error that produced an unconstitutional endorsement, only 70 of the 126 originally seated delegates voted in favor of Olson. Our district is made up of 37,800 people and divided into 86 precincts, but 26 of those precincts had no representation at the convention. The fact that nearly one-third of our district had no voice in the process should greatly concern all area Republicans.

The online convention was prescribed to protect delegates from the coronavirus, but the online nature of the convention lacked the transparency, integrity, accuracy and accessibility of an in-person convention as reflected in the alarmingly low precinct turnout.

A primary election is absolutely justified and necessary, and allows the majority of voters to ensure the strongest candidate will represent the Republican Party on the general election ballot on Nov. 3.

I want to thank Rep. Bob Gunther for his great service to us through his terms. However, I wish he would have stayed open-minded for his support of the best candidate.

I am an independent voter and do not endorse any party. I vote for and donate to the person who will serve we the people, and I believe Michael Sukalski is that person. Sukalski understands the issues in our district, has publicly shared his positions, is working hard to reach every corner of our district and is a good person. His opponent canvassed our town, and I was very disappointed in him. Sukalski has my endorsement and my vote in the primary election on Aug. 11.

Patricia Loonan



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