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Please be considerate

To the Editor:

Can we do the simple, considerate and responsible thing? Wearing face masks?

What was a concern of mine before was fueled by a recent news story about a restaurant owner who had saved money for his family to purchase a home and instead invested $38,000 in revamping the restaurant to keep people safe by building divided areas, providing safety features, requiring all staff to wear face masks and hiring additional cleaning staff. These are businesses that already have had financial hardship from being closed or restricted from doing business.

Locally, we have seen costly plexiglass shields installed, distance marking, hand sanitizers and specialized services to keep us safe.

I have heard comments like, “If I get COVID, I get it,” “It’s in my car, but I only wear it sometimes” and “I’m not elderly nor do I have an underlining health issue.” Where is the consideration for others?

A clerk at a local business goes to great lengths to wear a mask, keep a distance and they have installed protective shields. Yet, that person has an underlining health issue and hardly any customers are wearing a mask to protect her. On the radio, I heard comments from a hairdresser who was enduring the wearing of a face mask plus a face shield for several hours. This is true for many other working people, not just medical.

At best, unless a face mask is an N95, face masks aren’t about keeping you from COVID, it’s about YOU protecting others from YOU.

I’m not asking for people to spend thousands of dollars. Face masks can be a simple as a large handkerchief or bandana; just remember to wear it whenever around others. You will be helping the businesses and all those you come in contact with. The sooner we show some responsibility, the sooner we can be back to enjoying life pre-COVID.

Thank you for your consideration,

Char Kahler



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