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Unit serves during civil unrest

To the Editor:

On June 30, your local National Guard unit was activated as part of the governor’s full mobilization of the Minnesota National Guard.

Our battalion, 1st Battalion, 125th Field Artillery, is a subordinate unit of the 1-34 Armored Brigade Combat Team. 1-125 FA is made up of units from New Ulm (headquarters and headquarters battery), Anoka (headquarters detachment), Pipestone/Luverne (A Battery), Jackson (B Battery), Fairmont (C Battery) and St. Peter/St. James (F Company).

Our battalion was sent to assemble at an armory in the Twin Cities metro area with the mission to protect lives and property. Additionally, our task was to allow and promote the peaceful demonstrations by ensuring personnel and infrastructure remained unharmed so the demonstrators’ voices could be heard and those with a grievance could execute their constitutional right to peacefully assemble.

During our mission, we received significant community support from Beyond the Yellow Ribbon and other local organizations that sent significant packages to us. On behalf of all of our soldiers, I am deeply grateful for the support sent in the way of letters, snacks, personal supplies and comfort items. They were noticed and mattered. Thank you.

Major Scott Hawks

Cottage Grove

‘Players’ cancels summer play

To the Editor:

We certainly wish it were better news. As we step up to do our part during the COVID-19 situation, we have canceled our summer play.

We want our supporters to know we do value your support through the years and although we do not have a 2020 season we are still responsible for paying our insurance for the year. If you can help support us financially with a donation to our 501c3 organization, it would be greatly appreciated during this unprecedented time. This is new territory for us as well.

An artistic venture we entered into with Jeff Speltz of Armstrong could be a good way to show your support as well. Jeff has issued a print of our beloved building. The print is offered for sale by Speltz Studio in Armstrong at (712) 868-3001 or Dave Harner at (515) 272-4556 or (515) 320-1902. Patent Pending Players receives a percentage of the proceeds based on the number of prints sold.

Our Patent Pending Players community theater, the Swea Township “Community Hall” was built in 1888 as the Swedish Baptist Church in the town of Swea, located two miles north of its present location. Swea at that time had the local post office. The town of Reynolds, located where Swea City is now, had the railroad and depot. They merged in 1895 and formed Swea City as we know it today.

When the Swedish Baptist Church closed in 1920, the building was sold to Swea Township. It was moved by horses two miles south to its present location on Highway 9. The “Community Hall” has quite a history. Residents of the township took pride in it. It was “home” for many organizations over the years. The building also served as a place for youth parties, basket socials, bridal showers and Christmas programs. The Community Hall was a voting hall for the township until 1990. It not only serves as a theater today but has been used for auctions, Swea City Historical Society events and church services.

Donations can be made to Patent Pending Players and are tax-deductible. Please mail to David G. Harner, 4402 40th Ave., Swea City, IA 50514. Memberships are still $100 for a friend and $25 for a patron. Thank you for your support.

David Harner, president

Patent Pending Players and other board members

Swea City


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