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Who is to blame?

To the Editor:

Having watched all the riots and looting, arson, etc., over the last few days, I’ve come to one conclusion. The mayors and governors of these major American cities and states are to blame.

Peaceful protesting is a right we’re given under our Constitution. I don’t know of anyone who condoned the actions of the Minneapolis police officer; he will stand trial. What I’m seeing now is not being done in the memory of George; it’s people using this to loot a business, set a fire and just generally cause chaos.

These mayors who condoned this should be recalled. The governors who sat back and waited until it got so bad should step down. It’s a disgrace.

Diane Tow


Construction to begin

To the Editor:

Message from Lakeview Methodist Health Care Center: Construction starting in June.

Year one, 2016: Dream and talk; year two, 2017: Talk and plan; year three, 2018: Plan and confirm; year four, 2019: Confirm and execute; year five, 2020: Execute and build.

Yes, we are starting the long-awaited construction in a few days for our new Lakeview Methodist Skilled Care Center and Child Day Care. This long and prayerful journey by our Lakeview Methodist board of directors, our staff, and our Foundation steering committee will see fruition before the end of this month.

The community of Fairmont and Southern Prairie District and the United Methodist Church have been incredible during these years with unyielding support, enthusiasm, encouragement and ongoing financial pledges.

The architectural, engineering, civil, banking, legal and construction experts we have at our table are second to none. Our architects from WOLD in the Twin Cities have great familiarity with southern Minnesota. The president of Kraus-Anderson, our construction company, grew up in Fairmont. Bolton & Menk, Mike Edman, Compeer, CLA and the city of Fairmont continue to supply crucial guidance and help.

The individual contractors are from Fairmont, Mankato, Albert Lea and Austin, etc., so about a 75-mile radius, but none farther than 160 miles.

We will give updates often, and highlight in much more detail all of the great folks making this happen. Again, thank you.

Deb Barnes,

administrator/executive director,

Lakeview Methodist Care Center


Fly-in won’t be held

To the Editor:

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all in many ways, and service organizations, such as our local Fairmont Lions Club, is no exception. Unfortunately, due to the virus outbreak, we are going to have to cancel our annual fly-in pancake breakfast this year.

The Lions have certainly appreciated your support in the past and look forward to seeing you again in 2021 for our breakfast. If you would still be inclined to make a donation to our efforts, you can leave that with Allen Struck at State Bank of Fairmont on Blue Earth Avenue in Fairmont.

We are sorry that we couldn’t get together this year, but we look forward to better times soon and hope to see you next year. Thanks for your understanding and support.

Tony Rosener,

Lions Club president



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