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Cancer treatment going well

To the Editor:

I was diagnosed with stage four kidney cancer on Feb. 15, 2019, during a routine health examination. I had no symptoms and the cancer was detected accidentally. I have received medical care and treatment at the Mayo Clinic for the past 15 months.

Last week, I attended one of my regularly scheduled checkup appointments at the Mayo Clinic. I am pleased to report that my response to treatment continues to go exceedingly well. The immunotherapy is boosting my body’s immune system and enabling it to identify and kill the cancer cells.

I’m feeling great and working hard. Rest assured, I will keep fighting cancer and fighting for America and the people of southern Minnesota.

On behalf of my wife, Jennifer Carnahan, and myself, thanks to all who have offered their prayers, support and encouragement. We are especially grateful for the care of my talented physician, Dr. Lance Pagliaro, and all the wonderful and devoted professionals at the Mayo Clinic.

Rep. Jim Hagedorn


No bailouts for unwise states

To the Editor:

I am in total agreement with the recent Sentinel editorial “Feds shouldn’t bail out irresponsible state.”

We lived in Illinois for about four years (2004-2008), and though it may be difficult to believe, it was even more of a “taxing” experience than living in Minnesota. The Democrat party buys the union votes with ever-increasing pension fund promises and the Democrat Legislature just adds the bill on to what the taxpayer is burdened with. Obviously, any rational person would realize there has to be a point somewhere at which the promises exceed the ability of the taxpayer to pay the exorbitant pensions and other frivolities, but that doesn’t stop the Democrats. Not as long as they are in control of the government.

Now the time is coming to pay the piper and the state is behind the eight ball, just as you so clearly documented. They’re realizing they have a problem, and like all irresponsible politicians, they want someone else to bear the costs of the problem that they created. It is someone else’s fault.

To bail them out would be seen as approval for egregious actions of a totally irresponsible (some would say criminally irresponsible) group of politicians, and would, as you said, simply encourage more of the same reprehensible activity. Bailing them out would simply keep them in office where they can, and will, keep repeating the abuses of the taxpayer. They’ll simply demand another bailout.

It is time they be made accountable for their actions, that the public be made fully aware of what the cause of the problem really is, and that voters understand that elections have consequences. And that applies equally to Minnesota, Martin County and to Fairmont.

If the Democrats seize control of the U.S. Senate and the presidency, you can bet we’ll be paying for the Democrat indiscretions in a number of states. And the cost will make Obama’s $26 billion dollar bailout of the UAW look like peanuts. No federal bailouts!

Harold King



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