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To the Editor:

Although the Democrat “resistance” has already cost this nation trillions of dollars in lost opportunities as well as time spent “investigating” the president, and fighting everything he has been doing, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has apparently decided to give impeachment another try.

Despite the lives lost and the economic damage she has caused by having tied up the House and Senate with a bogus impeachment trial during the precise time they should have been engaged in fighting the Chinese virus pandemic, and despite the disruption it will continue to cause in our efforts to end the horrendous health and economic crisis, she has irresponsibly appointed another partisan “investigative committee” to probe the response of the Trump administration to the Chinese virus (aka COVID-19).

She has appointed another Trump-hater, Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., to lead her continuing effort to overthrow the government. Though she claims it is simply part of her oversight duties, her real intent is obvious.

No one can accuse her and her co-conspirators of putting the interests of America, or the health and welfare of its citizens, above those of their own partisan political aspirations. The total disregard and outright contempt for the well-being of Americans and the economy is utterly beyond belief.

We’re going to be treated to more secret Soviet-style hearings in a basement bunker while Clyburn calls on every Obama administration holdover to testify against President Trump. As per usual, the negative narratives will be leaked about the “bombshell” testimony, and Speaker Pelosi will bemoan the “sad day in D.C.” This theater will continue for some time in an attempt to build support for a “surprise” impeachment proposal that, again, will be supported by no evidence of wrongdoing.

We taxpayers have had to suffer through nearly four years of watching the Democrats try to turn back everything President Trump has done or tries to do. We’ve had to tolerate the total waste of time, lives and resources involved; listened to every unhinged, irrational claim that the Democrats could possibly invent; watched them squander millions of dollars on various charades; and watched as they have squandered lives and treasure trying to fulfill their political ambitions during a time of national emergency.

The present Democrat leadership doesn’t seem to even begin to resemble a member of the Democrat Party of the past. It now consists of radicals who believe in no borders but instead encourage illegal immigration. The “tolerant liberal” is not. A “racist” is any person disagreeing with their radical viewpoint. Trump Derangement Syndrome is real.

America is beginning to realize what the Democrat elites are trying to do. Though Clyburn sees the pandemic as an opportunity to “restructure things to fit our vision,” I hope the coming election will result in a complete repudiation of their twisted views. I, for one, have voted for a Democrat for the last time. No one I know enlisted to fight for socialism.

Harold King



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