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Red Rock appreciates support

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Martin County Preservation Association, dba Red Rock Center for the Arts, we are grateful for the grant dollars we received from the Martin County Area Foundation. With the support of these grant funds, we were able to enhance our stage area by adding lighting to highlight our performers while keeping the house lights dim. At this time, we also converted to LED lighting.

Furthermore, we purchased a quality portable sound system that can be used at the Red Rock and also taken off site, allowing us to do more outreaches within the community, such as assisted-livings, schools, parks and more.

Thank you to MCAF for supporting our local community art and entertainment center. You make a difference.

Sonja Fortune

executive director,

Red Rock Center for the Arts


Blessings from such trials

To the Editor:

During this time of inconvenience we are facing, it has been kind of amazing to me that so many people have made it seem to be such a devastating time to them. How can something as trivial as having to keep distance between ourselves and others, for a relatively short amount of time, be treated by so many with contempt and outright disobedience? When did we as a nation become so spoiled and self-centered that doing what is right for the greater good, and eventually for ourselves, became something we consider a major burden to our way of life?

This type of reaction can only be a sign of how far many of us have fallen away from God and his word. Those who truly have their foundation based on the word of God know contentment in this world of uncertainty no matter the situation (Philippians 4).

Christ, who lived in one of the most trying times in history, made it abundantly clear to not set our sights on the things of this world but keep our eyes focused on eternal life with him to come. Christians see the world for what it is: a life filled with sorrow and temporary pleasure at best, because they know and believe that God’s kingdom is not of this world. (John 6:14-33, 18:36-37)

Christians know God’s primary goal for us is to end up with him in Heaven while still giving us what we need here on Earth to obtain this ending. Our current situation might be considered to be a great trial and pain, by some here on Earth, but we must always remember God uses these times for our good. He is always leading us in a way that gives us the opportunity to be with him in Heaven. (Matthew 16: 21-28)

Use this time as a blessing from God and thank him for the opportunity of fewer distractions. There are many blessings that can come from trials like this, such as family togetherness, contentment, getting closer to God, etc.

You, of course, can always choose to stay negative and long for the temporary things of this world, but I guarantee if you use this time to know God better and be content with all the blessings you still have during times such as these, it will prepare you to live a happier life once this minor inconvenience has passed.

May God give you strength to carry your cross now and as long as you live here on Earth.

Anthony Scheff



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