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To the Editor:

The 2019-2020 hockey and ice skating season is in full swing at the Martin County Arena and the Fairmont Youth Hockey Association board of directors would like to take time to thank all the arena, sign and team sponsors. Without your support, the 2019-2020 skating season would not be possible.

Also a huge thank you to all the volunteers, coaches, team managers and parents. Without your dedication and support, area youth would not have this amazing opportunity to play hockey and have fun at skating Rock on Ice, open skate and other skating events held at the arena throughout the season.

It is exciting to see the increasing numbers of youth (and adults) skaters attending events held at the Martin County Arena. Learn to Skate and Intro to Hockey are wrapping up their first session with more than 60 skaters in attendance. We are excited to see how many will attend the next session in January. The first Rock on Ice of the skating season saw more than 200 skaters from eight surrounding communities in attendance with more waiting to get in the door.

The Fairmont Youth Hockey Association would like to encourage everyone to attend a hockey game or lace up some skates and attend a Rock on Ice or open skate this season. Come see what all the excitement is about.

Jaime Maday and members

of the Fairmont Youth Hockey

Association board of directors


Put dog on a leash

To the Editor:

It sure is a sad day when after 10 years of walking my dog at Cedar Creek Park, I can no longer convince my friendly lab to go for our almost daily adventure. I’ve been walking there 4-5 times a week year-round for those 10 years and have never encountered what happened to my lab on Tuesday morning, Nov. 19.

As we were walking on the public bike path, an aggressive German Shepherd attacked my lab. The owner was not in control of the dog and the dog was not by the owner’s side.

I don’t care if you walk a friendly dog in the park off leash, sometimes a dog needs to run free, but for crying out loud, if you have an aggressive dog or one that’s protective, by all means and for everyone’s safety, at least put the dog on a leash, and this dog needs to wear a muzzle in addition to the leash.

Had my dog been smaller, I’m pretty sure this German Shepherd could have killed a smaller dog, the attack was that vicious.

Deb Roggow



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