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Bullying continues

To the Editor:

On Monday, Oct. 28, I spoke during the open forum portion of the Fairmont City Council meeting. My words were not influenced by any other member of this community. I stood behind my statements that evening and will continue to stand behind them.

The outpouring of support from this community has been amazing. I have spoken to numerous people this week who have said, “Thank you for saying everything that I’ve been thinking.” I’ve received Facebook messages from people all week and some very nice cards in the mail.

On the flip side of this, I have also felt very threatened by a few members of this community and, in particular, a certain social media open discussion group. This is the type of behavior that I was referring to in my speech. The bullying and the name-calling continue, and this week I have been one of their many targets. I have been referred to as “elite” and “entitled” and “looking down on those I believe to be beneath me.”

I believe that we were all created equal in the eyes of our Father and would never consider myself to be better than any other human being. I do not condone domestic abuse of any kind, physical, mental or emotional. If you knew a little background information on my family, you would know this to be the absolute truth.

For those of you who missed it, or for those of you who would like to review exactly what was said, please visit the city of Fairmont’s website at fairmont.org and go to the “Citizens” header. Scroll down to “City Council” and follow that link. On the “City Council” page, go to the bottom and click on “Council Meetings.” Then click on the “Oct. 28, 2019” meeting and watch the video. My comments are made right at the beginning of the meeting.

Sharon Scheff


Honoring good deeds

To the Editor:

Each year for the past 45 years, the Fairmont Exchange Club has presented the Book of Golden Deeds Award to a citizen of Fairmont. The purpose of this award is to recognize those citizens within the community whose self-sacrifice, response to duty and other praiseworthy actions may pass unnoticed and unremembered by the general public.

This year’s award will be presented to Moni Harper at our banquet 5:30 p.m. Monday, Nov. 11, at the Fairmont Holiday Inn. Tickets will be sold at Profinium Financial in Fairmont, Dee’s Floral, United Methodist Church and the Fairmont Area Chamber of Commerce. The price of a ticket is $19.

Tickets will be available at these locations from now until Friday, Nov. 9. If you have any questions, please call Don Richards at (507) 236-3161.

We ask that former recipients of the Book of Golden Deeds Award who wish to attend the banquet call Wanda Johnson at (507) 235-6428 or Don Richards at (507) 236-3161 to make reservations.

Don Richards

Fairmont Exchange Club

Headline in error

To the Editor:

“Rule backs religious freedom” is a headline of an article in the Sentinel on Saturday, Nov. 2. Is it possible that an error was made here? The article addresses a recent proposed rule by the current administration that would allow faith-based foster care and adoption agencies to receive federal funding even if they did not offer services to same-sex couples or other human beings currently designated as LGBT.

A more truthful headline that reflects the intention of the proposed rule would be: “Hate-filled rule gains support from administration to perpetuate more hate toward men and women who happen to love people that are of the same gender.” That title too long? How about “Another directive from current administration again strongly encourages discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation”?

I know these errors can occur easily in the newspaper business given deadlines, etc., and I am most hopeful that in the future the copy editors will not slip up. Your headline would give the false impression that religious freedom and discrimination are somehow tied to each other and OK.

Peter Engstrom



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