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Less success awaits him

To the Editor:

Dan Feehan spent the entire 2018 campaign trying to portray himself as one thing here in Minnesota while cozying up to all the uber-liberal donors from outside Minnesota who funded 75% of his campaign, and now he’s already playing the same game.

First, Dan says he’s in favor of the impeachment inquiry. That’s because if he doesn’t, he’ll lose the millions that will flow into his campaign coffers from far-left donors across the country.

Then, because he knows President Trump won this district by 15% in 2016, Mr. Feehan immediately states that he doesn’t want to talk about impeachment very much and would rather focus on “issues.”

Sorry, Dan, but you can’t say you favor an impeachment proceeding that will suck all the air out of the room and then turn around and credibly say, “I don’t want all the air sucked out of the room.”

The reality is Dan Feehan philosophically is in lockstep with the East and West Coast elites who sent him here and who fund his campaign. And because they’re so intent on still trying to overturn the 2016 election results, they can’t get around to even considering critical pieces of legislation like the trade deal with Mexico and Canada that farmers and manufacturers are begging for.

Rep. Jim Hagedorn, like he does on all issues, has made it clear where he stands on impeachment: none of the endless accusations against President Trump are impeachable offenses and it’s time to work on the issues affecting Minnesotans like the Mexico-Canada trade deal and infrastructure projects such as the completion of Highway 14.

Mr. Feehan is doing nothing more than trying to appease those who share his views and fund his campaign while trying to convince a district that’s full of President Trump’s supporters that he’s something he’s not. My guess is he’ll be even less successful this time than last.

Paul C. Lenz Sr.

St. James


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