Readers’ Views

Common sense needed

To the Editor:

Your Sept. 18 editorial criticized Beto O’Rourke for being holier-than-thou in stating that he, as president, would take your AK-15 and AK-47 assault weapons. Really? If you want to bring “holiness” into the assault-rifle discussion, I’m pretty sure that Jesus would come down on the anti-assault rifle side.

Regarding protection from tyranny, I know of no modern scenarios where an armed populous has successfully defended itself from a tyrannical regime. Obviously, assault rifles are no defense against the tanks and bombs at the tyrant’s disposal. The only successful military defense against tyranny has been when military leaders have rebelled using the military weapons under their command. Unfortunately, the new “anti-tyranny regime” is often just as tyrannical as the previous one.

Tyranny rarely happens overnight. The best defense against tyranny is to recognize its potential early in the process and stop it before it can gain momentum. There are warning signs now that should not be ignored. Efforts to discredit the media and sabotage the election process are typical first steps. Assault rifles are of no use in this battle. Education and perspective are the only weapons that matter.

Assault-rifles-as-a-defense-of-freedom is clearly unrealistic. The only thing assault rifles are actually good for is the thrill of firing them (woo-hoo!) and their efficiency in killing people who have no interest whatsoever in advocating tyranny. Keep your hunting weapons and your pistols. But use a little common sense when defending assault rifles.

Chris Mau