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Wonderful memorial

To the Editor:

If you haven’t driven down Winnebago Avenue in Fairmont at night, you need to take the time to do so. Our Martin County veterans have done a breathtaking job on the Martin County Veterans Memorial. The lights on it are beautiful. I personally would like to thank the veterans for all the work they have put into this project.

A proud sister of a vet.

Jan Nielsen


Letter twisted facts

To the Editor:

In reply to Jack Hanson’s letter on Sept. 12:

I don’t know who you are or where you came from, Jack, but you seem to have the facts twisted. The “three manipulators,” as you call them, did not call KSTP to come down, as you stated. That was done by a very concerned group that cared enough to try to get some justice for these ladies.

Your total disregard for facts and care for your fellow man shows an extremely hard and calloused individual who knows nothing about any of these issues. Yet you pontificate from your lofty perch on the tree of life about how they might be victims. These ladies hearing your insensitive remarks by themselves might run and hide, as is your intention. However, they have a large and strong group of caring individuals, including me, who have become their “Guardian Angels,” as one wrote to us, and we take that charge seriously.

Had you taken the time to read the police reports and see for yourself that these are actual court cases, then perhaps you would have realized that your response and slanted views were insignificant and void.

I want to remind you, Jack, and everyone else, that these ladies have been beaten down mentally and physically, and forced to protect themselves as best they can, with little help from this community. That must end now.

The police are aware of all these issues that happened over the last 30 years. (So are we). Sadly, their hands are tied by the laws they uphold, and it’s frustrating to them but they keep doing what they can.

The City Council has not stated any disparaging remarks or statements to anyone. Why would they when the facts scream the loudest that there are very serious issues that needed direct attention from former City Attorney Libby Bloomquist’s immediate supervisor, Mike Humpal, as stated in the administrator’s job description, and sadly did not receive it.

There are many voters in this city who have stated facts from working close by her or who have had cases in court. As a past councilman, I have seen her lack of effort to sustain a smooth record, and I know there are more files further back in her history that I hope come to light.

As to Libby’s side, she was approached by KSTP to give her side and she hid in her house and would not answer the door. To me, this would have been an excellent time to defend herself, but her actions speak loud and clear.

In parting Jack, the first four paragraphs of your letter seem to have an attorney’s or legally-trained flavor. As you stated earlier, you are a layman and know nothing about this issue, and I believe you.

Terry D. Anderson