Readers’ Views

Who is Jesus with?

To the Editor:

A recent letter to the editor in both the Fairmont Sentinel and Truman Tribune chastised the Evangelical Church of America for allowing its churches to become sanctuary churches. As a proud member of an ELCA church, I am tempted to respond with facts and passion and examples of Jesus’ compassion and empathy toward the less fortunate. Instead, I will simply cite the theme of last Sunday’s sermon: “Every time we use religion to draw a line to keep people out … Jesus is with the people on the other side of the line.”

Dave Sorenson


Support appreciated

To the Editor:

The Fairmont Area Let’s Go Fishing board of directors takes this opportunity to thank all of the businesses and individuals who supported Fairmont Area LGF financially this past summer.

A special thank you to the following pontoon sponsors who year after year continue to support Let’s Go Fishing here in Fairmont: Bank Midwest, Peterson/Anthony Insurance Agency, Fairmont Lakes Foundation, Fairmont National Insurance Agency, Mayo Health Systems, American Legion Post 36, Lakeview Funeral Home, Martin County Conservation Club, Fairmont Lions Club, Baarts Trucking, Edward Jones Investments, Designing Signs, The Boat House, Culligan Water and CFM Motor Sports.

Finally, and very important to the success of Let’s go Fishing, a big thank you to our (45-plus) volunteers who donate hundreds of hours each summer taking 400 to 500 senior citizens, veterans and the disabled fishing and boating on the Fairmont lakes each year.

Roger Voss and the

Fairmont Area board of directors


Understanding racism

To the Editor:

A recent Sentinel editorial questioned the widespread existence of racism or “institutional” racism in this country. I take it, from the general tone of the editorial, that the editors are not black people?

Racism exists in both black and white cultures here. It pervades every aspect of life, even in the small town of Fairmont that has a small percentage of minority people.

I am racist. I cannot help being a racist by the fact of being born and growing up in America. There is a difference between members of the KKK who try to kill black people and myself. But we share one commonality: Racism.

Racism becomes stronger in a society when it is tolerated and encouraged by people that govern a society. Their speech and actions become role models for people. Mr. Biden tries to condemn racism. Have words of condemnation come from the mouths of the current administration on racism? I think not.

“We must educate ourselves and others” about racism, state the editors of this paper. Good idea. Would the editors of the Sentinel be willing to have a public debate about the issues of racism? Perhaps at the library? Or the school? That would be one way to understand the idea of racism, for children and adults.

Peter Engstrom