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Marker long overdue

To the Editor:

I recently noticed the newly added no wake zone marker/buoy at the south bay of Sisseton Lake in Fairmont, and I’ll just add that it’s long overdue.

My hope is that this will be enforced by our law enforcement officers and not just a suggestion to boaters. I’ve witnessed several boaters in just a Friday afternoon completely ignore the rule, actually just now a boat towing a tuber blasted by it within 20 feet.

We’re lucky to have such great lakes for our boating enjoyment, with many acres of space to explore. Safety should be the goal while boaters go about their legal boating activities, granted some need oversight by the authorities to maintain safety.

Gary Bergemann


A big thank you to all

To the Editor:

I want to take this opportunity to thank all who were involved in our recent “Paws for Cause” golf outing that was held in mid-June. To those businesses that sponsored holes; businesses that donated hole and door prizes; golfers who supported our cause; Rose Lake Golf Course; and those who worked so hard to put it all together, a big thank you.

This is one of our four annual major fundraisers, along with the smaller ones we have. It takes a lot of hard work to keep our shelter operating. Without the continued support from our donors near and far, we would not be able to do so. And for that we wholeheartedly thank each and every one of you. Martin County Humane Society is so very lucky to have you follow our cause.

And speaking of major fundraisers, we will again be having our annual “Walk for the Animals” on Saturday, Sept. 21, at Cedar Creek Park, Fairmont. This is a milestone year for us. This will be the 25th walk sponsored by the Humane Society, and the first time it is held on a Saturday. We are in the planning stage and hope to have something very special for this walk. Please follow our Facebook page for more information and to access pledge sheets. We hope to have a record number of walkers this year.

We are working on updating and improving our outside dog kennels. The need to have proper drainage to eliminate the standing water in the spring and after it rains is being addressed. This will be a costly endeavor and we have already received grants from some private parties. The time will come when we may request some volunteer help from the public to redo the fencing. This will be posted on our Facebook page. And thank you in advance.

As usual, we are bombarded with kittens that are in foster homes. We try not to have kittens or puppies in the shelter, due to their susceptibility in contracting diseases. If you think this may be something you are interested in, please contact the shelter. And its very easy to think that you can’t do this because you would want to keep them all, don’t worry. It’s a very common concept that just doesn’t happen. The shelter will provide you with all the necessary items to take care of these babies until they are ready to be adopted. It’s food for thought.

We will be at the Martin County Fair again this year in our usual spot located at the east end of the Bank Midwest building. Please stop by and say hello.

Again, thank you to all that continue to support the Martin County Humane Society and the Carl Nettifee Memorial Animal Shelter.

Nancy Fetters



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