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Class of ’57 salutes class of 2019

To the Editor:

Fairmont High School graduated 129 hopeful seniors on June 2. They are uncertain now with college or work plans, family decisions and immense global unrest. In 1957, 140 seniors graduated from the new building on Victoria Street. They too were hopeful and full of expectations, energy and lust for the promised life.

Many of those people are celebrating 80-some years of life this month at a Fairmont park that did not exist in ’57. There are fewer of us now, yet some will choose not to meet and celebrate with the class. I think some are still uncertain that their lives will compare favorably with their classmates. Some are physically impaired and embarrassed for that. Others have aged or not met their own expectations. We had the farm kids then, the north side and the south, the jocks and the brains. We built walls because we were young and pliable.

Today, we are 80. We are more equal now than ever. Those who know our world are becoming scarce. Things we obsessed with are no longer important. What is important at 80, I think, is the family that cares for us, the people that shared the same dream in 1957. It is important that we celebrate just being 80.

Many of our class raised productive kids, contributed to the education of others, advanced science, served in our armed forces, in law enforcement, in feeding the world, in medicine and in the care of the elderly. They have every right to be proud, to stand with us and be happy to be 80.

I remember one kid, I think he was unruly in class, not an A student, not an outstanding athlete, couldn’t dance, didn’t join any of the clubs. He didn’t graduate with us but joined the Army with the uncertainties of the class of ’57 and of the class of 2019. He jumped out of airplanes with the Golden Knights and took a job selling stuff. He won’t be here to celebrate with us but he is demonstrating the importance of the bond with classmates by sponsoring many of the events at our celebration that will help us to remember what’s important. That would be Jerry Mathwig, president and founder of Metro Sales.

There you have it. The class of ’57 salutes the class of 2019. We expect you to measure up and be as proud as we are when you are 80.

William Wohlford

Bettendorf, Iowa

STEM4Kids Camp offers thanks

To the Editor:

In June, the second annual STEM4Kids Day Camp presented by the Fairmont High School robotics team was held at Fairmont Elementary School. Thirty-eight students in grades 2-6 took part. Participants had the opportunity to explore the scientific method, the engineering design process and many other scientific concepts through hands-on experiences.

Many thanks are in order to the Kiwanis Early Risers members, who provided and served snacks for the campers each day; Fairmont Area Schools for use of the facilities; Travis Preuss, director of food services for Fairmont Area Schools, and his staff; the custodians at Fairmont Elementary School; and CER for its help with registrations and numerous other details.

Cindy Viesselman

STEM4Kids Camp coordinator



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