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Children’s lives are at stake

To the Editor:

I currently work at Building Blocks Child Care in Fairmont. We walk to many of our activities around town and crossing the road has become a daily safety issue we face. There are distracted drivers everywhere, putting all lives at risk.

The teacher is always the first person in the crosswalks, and confirms all cars are stopped before the children enter the crosswalk, and they are followed by more staff. There was a particular instance when I was halfway in the crosswalk and three cars made zero effort to stop. One driver looked right at me and kept driving.

It’s summertime, children are not in school and, as a result, we have more children walking and biking to get around town. This letter is to request everybody to slow down, to remind people keep off your phone and to keep your eyes open for everyone crossing roads, whether in a crosswalk or not. There are children’s lives that could be taken in a split second because of an action that can be avoided.

Katie Cochran



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