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City was well-represented

To the Editor:

The Fairmont airport served as one of the race stops for the 43rd annual Air Race Classic, featuring 109 female pilots from all over the United States, 47 race teams, 6 foreign countries, and 15 colleges and universities with aviation programs, and buying fuel and oil to continue their flights.

These pilots are to be congratulated for their enthusiasm, their dedication to aviation as a profession and their kindness. Several teams that spent the night in Fairmont, utilizing our hotels and restaurants, stated how impressed they were with our city.

Thanks to the many volunteers and sponsors who helped make this a huge success for Fairmont. Special thanks to the Airport Advisory Board and City Council liaison Ruth Cyphers; and the ARC committee and the Women of Today who sponsored the Touch a Plane for more than 300 kids who took advantage of this opportunity.

Sponsors of this event included Lloyd and Evelyn Alsworth family; Culligan; Hawkins Chevrolet; Militello Motors; Kwik-Trip; Martin County Pork; KLJ; RE/MAX; AdMfg; Minnesota 99’s; Martin County Historical Society; and many others, all of whom contributed countless hours to this endeavor.

Special mention of the fuel crew — Lee Steinkamp, John Moore, Mark Craven, Jessica Adams, Kent Gibson, Hanna Lee and others — who fueled the planes in record time and kept the flyers moving.

Thanks to the head timer, Jerry Brooks and his crew of Fairmont High School Aviation students, who recorded the flight times to the nearest second as they flew over the airport.

Finally, the kind ladies and volunteers who provided refreshment for the pilots and crew members: Kate Hawkins, Donna Holstine and many others. It is impossible to mention all the people who worked the long volunteer hours, but be assured it made the Fairmont stop the best on the route.

Fairmont was well-represented by not only the super efficiency of the airport operation but also by the kindness of the many volunteers who spent many long hours at the airport to make this ARC a success for our community.

Verlus Burkhart,

race chairman


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