Hy-Vee steps up to help

Hy-Vee steps up to help

To the Editor:

Cardinal Power Fastpitch, the summer girls softball association in Fairmont, recently sold discount punch cards for Papa Murphy’s as a fundraiser. Less than two weeks after we closed our sale, the local Papa Murphy’s closed its doors. This left us in an uncomfortable position in which we still owed for the cards but were discussing the real possibility of having to contact everyone we had sold to provide a refund.

While we were in discussions with the company that runs the fundraiser, we were given some surprising and wonderful news. The local Fairmont Hy-Vee has decided to honor the punch cards. Although we have personally thanked a number of the employees and the local store manager, we would like to do so publicly. Thank you. We feel fortunate to live in a community where people and businesses are willing and able to support one another and turn a sour situation into one with a positive ending.

Again, we can’t thank Hy-Vee enough.

Cory Hainy, president

Cardinal Power Fastpitch



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