Readers’ Views

Grateful for support

To the Editor:

It happened. The Knights of Columbus silent & live auction was the most successful ever and more than $10,500 was awarded to The Arc Southwest and Martin County Kinship.

Thanks to everyone who donated items, attended the event, and contributed time and money to benefit others.

A special thanks to Andy Lucas for all the work he does year after year that changes so many lives.

People with disabilities and their families are so grateful for the support from our community.

Lee Ann Erickson

The Arc Minnesota


What’s with the rush?

To the Editor:

I had the opportunity to attend the Fairmont City Council meeting Monday evening. I went there with the idea that I would find answers to my questions about this uproar. But after leaving the meeting, I just scratched my head and understood less than before.

My main question is: What is the rush? The City Attorney has been working for the city for 30 years. For reasons unknown to myself or anyone that I have spoken to, the majority of the City Council members made a decision to let her go. But now the city’s legal work has to temporarily be transferred to the County Attorney. Does the County Attorney’s Office really need this extra workload? I doubt it.

What is the rush? Since the council members decided that this person must go, could not a slow, deliberative process be put in place in which the current City Attorney stays until suitable outside council is found? You know, it could take a while to find a replacement. Many city committees, commissions and city employees rely on this current City Attorney for answers to their legal questions that they have day and night. Not everyone will want this job. It is not easy work.

So, again, why? Why not let her stay, find the needed outside legal counsel and make a smooth transition? The city could make itself vulnerable to legal difficulties by rushing this process through.

Peter Engstrom