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We need better leaders

To the Editor:

After reading about the recent behaviors of members of our City Council, I have to ask …

Where is the discussion about the idea of making the change to contract for legal services or to continue with the current format? Is this now a council that feels it can make decisions without debate and discussion because three equates a majority? Is this the type of leadership Fairmont truly wants?

I want a council that takes things into consideration, researches options, pros and cons and has an active debate to determine what the best course of action is for our community. Clearly this is not what happened.

I want a council that treats its constituents and employees with respect.

I believe we should all be very concerned and ask ourselves if this is the type of leadership Fairmont truly wants. Do you want a council whose members connive behind the scenes to dictate an outcome that supports a single-minded objective or do you want a council that is collectively working toward bettering Fairmont?

In my opinion, it is time for those like myself in the community who usually choose to observe versus participate in city leadership to re-evaluate and decide whether the practices revealed recently truly represent the type of leadership Fairmont wants and deserves.

Paula Eppens



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