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‘Analysis’ erroneous

To the Editor:

Thursday’s “analysis” by Editor Lee Smith in the Sentinel about the city of Fairmont’s City Attorney issue contained much innuendo with no proof regarding me and other councilors.

The document he received after his request was 44 pages long and he shared only a few carefully selected parts that he thought would bolster his view that I acted improperly regarding the City Attorney issue. Properly refuting his erroneous claims would be a large undertaking.

Therefore, to provide complete transparency, please contact me at thawkins@fairmont.org if you would like a copy of the complete set of emails that the editor requested and received.

After your review of the complete document, I would then be glad to address anything on which you would need clarification.

You can also view the legal basis for these types of employment matters in the City Charter and City Code on the city of Fairmont website.

Tom Hawkins

Fairmont City Council


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