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Class of ’57 ready for fun

To the Editor:

Attention citizens, members of the Fairmont High School class of 1957 are 80 years old and we are celebrating. We have lots of memories but we forgot a bunch of them, so if you see us around town please mention that the party will be held at Cedar Creek Park. You may have to guide us or step back so we don’t run over you. Our driving skills are a little rusty, same as our cars.

This will happen July 24-25. Yes, it’s on week days; we’re 80. It’s months away too, but we plan ahead, so schedule doc’s appointments, hair dressers and chiropractors around the dates.

The weather will be mild, sunny and calm. There will be places to sit and stuff to do. Don’t bother with a new swimsuit; it won’t match your support hose.

We already know you’re retired. Your old job is being done by a child prodigy and no one cares that you cured cancer.

You can make up stuff. We know your kids are movie stars and rocket scientists but we may have missed that your grandkids are teaching the poor in Africa and waiting for a call to go to Mars.

There will be classmates there who never heard of your exploits or have forgotten so just polish them up. Bring photos and those plaques on the wall showing you with Gregory Peck.

You won’t starve or faint from thirst. If you’re not one of us, drop by anyway, we have tons of advice and we know how you should raise your kids. I may have sent you an invite already but I forget stuff so line the bird cage with this or pass it on to other classmates.

Have questions? Just call me or one of the locals. Someone will know what’s going on. Nobody in Fairmont will be having more fun than we are on those days.

Bill Wohlford

Bettendorf, Iowa