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Too many mandates

To the Editor:

A mandate is defined as officially ordering you to do something. The number of unfunded mandates and regulations being pursued by Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz and the House Democratic majority is getting tiresome.

I think the people in my district deserve more than having their government telling them what they have to do every time they turn around.

Let’s start with the governor’s plan that would force you to pay a higher gasoline tax. His proposal would raise Minnesota’s gas tax by at least 20 cents per gallon — a massive 70 percent increase — vaulting Minnesota’s gas tax to fourth-highest in the nation. It would also mandate an increase in license tab fees.

Then there’s House DFL legislation that would make sex education mandatory in all elementary and secondary schools in Minnesota by the year 2021. Required coursework for students would include sexual development, preventing unintended pregnancies, and discussions regarding gay, lesbian and transgender individuals, along with other gender identities and sexual orientations. I find this problematic as there might be a good number of parents who don’t want this information forced upon their kids at school.

From education to transportation and beyond, the number of mandates that would be forced upon Minnesotans under DFL proposals is head-scratching and it needs to stop.

State Rep. Bob Gunther,