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Bottom of the slope

To the Editor:

There is no deed dastardlier than to kill a newborn baby who has survived an abortion. It is pure evil.

One year ago, Doyle Lee Hamm survived execution in Alabama. He is now getting treatment for cancer. His execution failed when the physician repeatedly jabbed him with the needle yet was unable to find a vein for the IV. The New York Times described his botched execution as ghoulish. The Nation called it “cruel and unusual punishment.”

How appalling that such consideration is denied to an innocent baby who has survived an execution attempt. None of the pro-choice arguments apply once the child has been born, and yet the Democrat party (including both Minnesota senators) stands in favor of finishing the job rather than allowing a loving family to adopt the baby.

This is the most evil position that the Democrats have ever taken in their long history. At what point can we expect the Democrat voter to stand up and say, “Enough is enough!”?

If you consider yourself a good person, you must either force your elected representatives to start protecting these innocent babies, or you must leave that party. The status quo is barbaric, savage, brutal murder of babies. It isn’t a slippery slope, this is the bottom.

Shane Schofield