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Standing up for life

To the Editor:

Jan. 22 marked the 46th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that legalized abortions nationwide.

On Tuesday, thousands of pro-life supporters from across the state took part in a march at the state Capitol to show their support for the unborn, an event I strongly support.

When the Roe decision happened, people didn’t know the true significance of what legalized abortion would mean. Nearly 50 years later, more than 57 million babies are gone.

The purpose of the march, organized by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, is to commemorate the lives lost to abortion (and the women and men who have been hurt as a result), and to call for renewed respect and protection for all members of the human family, including unborn children and their mothers.

I stand with those who believe abortion is wrong and takes the life of a preborn child, and continue to support legislation that protects life and protects taxpayers from having to pay for abortions.

State Rep. Bob Gunther,


PF earns recognition

To the Editor:

Twelve Martin County Pheasants Forever committee volunteers recently returned from the state convention in Alexandria with yet more recognition awards for our accomplishments.

Building on the accolades of last year’s award as Chapter of the Year, Martin County walked away with three additional awards during the convention. Topping the list of achievements was our own president, Joe Maidl, being named as Minnesota’s Volunteer of the Year. Joe’s relentless pursuit to improve habitat, educate youth and garner more interest into conservation efforts were just a few reasons for his recognition. Joe was chosen by the Minnesota Pheasants Forever staff from all nominated volunteers in Minnesota. The award recognizes the individual who has made the biggest impact for the birds through volunteer efforts as a member, and who has exhibited unquestionable devotion to the Pheasants Forever mission.

Additionally, Mike Murphy, our longest-acting committee volunteer, was awarded the Long Spur Society Award for his lifelong commitment to Pheasants Forever. Mike began as the banquet emcee early in the history of the chapter’s 34 years of existence and continues to this day.

Bryan Gregor received the Dedication Award for his essential role in the development of chapter programs. He has been instrumental in obtaining grant funding and expanding habitat programs.

The convention serves as an opportunity to learn what’s happening on both the conservation and legislative fronts. Many speakers, including the newly appointed DNR commissioner, Sarah Strommen, spoke to the group about the importance of Pheasant Forever’s and other conservation group’s involvement in recruiting and retaining outdoorsmen and women, and continuing to work at protecting and growing interest in the outdoors.

Dave Nomsen, PF’s vice president of governmental affairs, reported on the new federal farm bill and the successes and difficulties involved in conservation efforts.

There was also a session presented by Dave Carlson, president of the Minnesota Outdoor Heritage Alliance, who explained the important grassroots involvement necessary at the Legislature. It’s often forgotten that while the DNR is responsible for much of our wildlife and outdoor world, its direction and funding is set by state lawmakers.

Please keep in mind our upcoming annual banquet that will be held April 13 at the Martin County Arena.

The support you provide allows Martin County Pheasants Forever to continue to offer more services, acquire more land and make more contact with the youth in our area. We are proud of our accomplishments and recognize they are not possible without your support. Thank you.

Bryan Gregor

Habitat chairman

Martin County Pheasants Forever