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Stewards of our money

To the Editor:

This might be a good time to thank state Sen. Julie Rosen, R-Vernon Center, along with state Rep. Bob Gunther, R-Fairmont; state Rep. Rod Hamilton, R-Mountain Lake; state Rep. Joe Schomacker, R-Luverne; and every other Republican who spent $498 million of our taxpayers’ dollars on US Bank Stadium. We could have thrown that money away on foolishness like roads, bridges, education, health care, etc.

In fact, these same Republicans blocked the $600 million bonding bill (too much wasteful spending on pre-school education, they said). Luckily, we have elected these Republicans, who keep a watchful eye on where our taxpayer dollars are being spent.

When Rosen authored that stadium bill, some naysayers opined that the money could be better spent on Minnesota health care, as an example. The value of the Minnesota Vikings franchise increased from $1.2 billion to $2.5 billion as soon as Rosen’s new stadium bill was signed into law. I imagine Zygi Wilf, owner of the Minnesota Vikings, also will want to thank Sen. Rosen. I wonder what she found in her Christmas stocking from “Old St. Wilf” this year? I know the taxpayers got the “chunk of coal.”

Bradley Swanson