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My questions answered

To the Editor:

I attended the recent community center educational/feedback meeting at the Fairmont Opera House. I was glad to see the meeting conducted respectfully by people attending.

I went with three major questions.

1) What effect would the 6 1/2 percent estimated potential tax increase be on my property for upfront bonding? I was told $52 on a $150,000 house; in my opinion, not a deal breaker;

2) I had/have concerns of who might run the facility and potential for operating deficiency. Was told city and community center committee are in negotiations with YMCA, which would be a satisfying answer to me, given the YMCA’s experiences in such endeavors;

3) How much private money is needed to be raised/pledged and in what timeline? I was told about $10.8 million by the committee and likely all needed to be lined up prior to proceeding.

Personally, I got satisfactory answers that appears to limit taxpayer dollars with an entity of YMCA, that has an experienced track record of managing facilities similar to the proposed project.

I very much like the idea of late, of youth activities and possibly addressing child day care needs facing our community. On that note, as I step closer to retirement, an adult daycare, i.e. senior citizen, with activities for elderly people sounds like a good fit also.

I appreciate being part of the community discussion and hopefully see more giving and taking on the project as some common ground, perhaps, is reached.

Ed Willett