Readers’ Views

Fit Christ in, always

To the Editor:

Christ the God/Man had a very Godly soul

looked like any baby boy but was here to pay our toll.

Christ the God/Man is a fairy tale many say

but Christians and children know he came to life Christmas day!

Christ the God/Man was as alive as he could be

as a child he would laugh and play just like you and me.

Christ the God/Man grew into the man that would

spread God’s word to all

Though the Devil tried to trip him and make him fall.

Christ the God/Man was perfect in every way, even in apparent defeat

allowing God’s plan for our salvation to be complete.

Christ the God/Man suffered the punishment we deserved and

no longer have to pay

rose again and proclaimed to all “I will be back again someday”!

Luke 2 and 23, 24

Christ the God/Man is the real reason for the Christmas season so I pray that you find time to fit him into your life not only during this time of year but all year round.

Anthony Scheff


City weighing Comprehensive Plan

To the Editor:

There has been much recent discussion regarding the proposed Fairmont community center, and the committee leading the effort has presented its case for moving forward, while several business owners have voiced their opposition.

While there may not be agreement on the community center, I think that overall there is consensus that the city needs to do something to become more attractive to business, industry and new residents, and that something needs to be done to revitalize our town.

Most residents do not realize that there is another significant effort underway to identify ways to enhance Fairmont. Earlier this fall, Fairmont launched an update to its Comprehensive Plan.

What is a Comprehensive Plan? It is a vision of what the city will be 10, 15 or 20 years in the future. It includes policy statements, goals, standards and maps for guiding the physical, social and economic development for Fairmont. It will include sections on growth, housing, recreation, infrastructure and business. Strategies for goal implementation will also be included.

The Comprehensive Plan reflects the community’s collective vision and provides direction for the future development of the community. City officials, land owners and business developers will use the plan as a guide as they make decisions about development of the city.

The city encourages people who live and work in the city to comment on issues they believe are important and to follow the process of updating the plan. There is a link on the city website (https://wsb.mysocialpinpoint.com/fairmont-comprehensive-plan#/) that provides opportunity to identify ideas, opportunities and issues. The site also includes a social pinpoint tab that links to a survey regarding the plan.

If people do not have access to a computer, or are otherwise unable to comment through the referenced website, feel free to send any comments directly to: Megan Boeck, Planner/code enforcement technician, 100 Downtown Plaza, Fairmont, MN 56031.

Civic leadership is important to the revitalization of both large and small cities. It takes visionary leadership, commitment and organizational prowess to bring resources together and mobilize them to effect change. This leadership may emanate from either the public or private sector. It may be an individual or group of people, or it may be an organization with passion for the development of the town. In the end, it is people that make the difference.

As a member of the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, I encourage everyone who is interested in our city to become involved in the development of a future vision for our community. I welcome everyone’s input.

Jon Omvig