Readers’ Views

Lubenow brings change

To the Editor:

The citizens in Ward 3 deserve a change. Randy Lubenow is running for City Councilman for Ward 3. Randy cares about the City of Fairmont and the citizens in his ward.

For 32 years as City Administrator and four years as City Councilman for Ward 3, Jim Zarling has driven on the streets and past the neighborhoods many, many times in this ward and in the city. The lack of concern by Mr. Zarling has led to the continued disrepair of major streets and the many, many unsightly ordinance violations. With the continued lack of effort by this councilman, you can expect more unkept roads and neighborhoods in the future.

Randy Lubenow will bring new commitment and energy to Ward 3 and the City of Fairmont. He really cares about the future of Fairmont and the concerns of the citizens of Ward 3. He has real concerns about the rental housing issues and road conditions and will not be afraid to take these issues up with City Hall. Randy will do more for this ward in four years than Jim Zarling has done in 36 years. We would urge the voters of Ward 3 to vote for Randy Lubenow because we need change now.

Dave and Deb Lutz


Country needs wisdom

To the Editor:

America is very divided, and very confused. It was that way in the days of King Solomon. His kingdom too was divided and confused. Two women both claimed to be a child’s mother. His Kingdom was in awe after Solomon discerned the truth. They understood God gave Solomon his wisdom.

Does the wisdom of King Solomon speak into this age? I say yes. The voice of the imposter mom, who spoke at the court of King Solomon, matches the imposter voice of America. We find this imposter voice all throughout our land.

I believe most Minnesotans want the same things. Good jobs to raise families. Safe country; safe neighborhoods. What divides us is social issues. We are on one side or the other. When confusion lifts I believe America unites.

Do we want our nation led by God? Or led by imposter voices? That is what is at stake in America. I am an independent write-in candidate for the US Senate. Why an independent? Because neither major party has the complete answer. With wisdom from the ages I believe the veil of confusion will lift. Rescue us wisdom.

A young Minnesota autistic boy, Josh Cullen, is diagnosed as very low functioning. He cannot speak. Yet learned three years ago at age 7 to communicate by typing. He typed “God is a good gift giver.” and “Faith is picture it done.” He has typed many things about the Trinity. Remarkable. The one I like most in terms of governing our nation is “So, man must voice – Father what do YOU think? Jesus, what do YOU love? Holy Spirit, what should WE do about it? That’s our mission.” I agree.

Before I spoke my intention to become an independent candidate for the US Senate I asked for wisdom. God does not disappoint. My website is at

I hope to become your next senator for the US Senate from Minnesota. Give God glory for the wisdom of King Solomon. Give me your write-in vote.

Tim Meier

New Ulm

Politicians use religion

To the Editor:

I usually try my best to refrain from commenting on politics because quite frankly it has nothing to do with what God’s primary directive for us is: Go make disciples of all nations, placing God above all things and being a light to the world by following his teachings. (Matthew 28:19,20, Mark 10:17-30, John 14:23-24, Matthew 5:14-16). By making any type of suggestion, whether it be by word or action, that any political party, created by our sinful nature could be more “Christian” then another is not only a sinful action in of itself but condemns that person just like any other false prophet.

Both major parties try to give the false impression of siding with Christians on some issues just to fool blind followers such as Mr Foty. It is easy for Satan to use people like him to point out one of the glaring sins of the Democratic Party and use it against them – thus why the Republican Party really never gets rid of it – while hiding their own sinful actions such as greed, self worth, division, hatred, fear, etc.

In fact we probably haven’t had a leader, like the one running the Republican Party, who has blatantly broken most, if not all, of the 10 commandments. So if, by your own standards believe that – we are condemned by who we vote for – then I would be worried if I were you.

We, as Christians, are called to be an example of how God wants us to live. If by our presence or actions, as known Christians, we actively ask people to follow non-Christian teachings, we are then involved in perpetuating false teachings and are leading others away from Christ. (1 Corinthians 10:14-22, Titus 2, 1 Peter 4: 1-6)

Christ didn’t come into this World to set up a new government entity, correct the existing one or eliminate sin, in fact he avoided these situations at all cost. (John 6: 15, 18: 33-36) He instead came to teach us how to make God pleasing choices about the sins we will face and to give us a way to have eternal life in spite of our sins. (John 3:16, 17) As a Christian we shouldn’t use our influence to outwardly lead others to follow antichristian teachings of any political party. Instead use your time and talents to – Campaign for Christ.

Anthony Scheff