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Grateful for support

To the Editor:

On behalf of Rural Advantage and our community partners, I would like to thank the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council of Waseca for a $2,000 contribution from the Arts and Cultural Heritage Grant toward the Fairmont Market Square event held this fall at Heritage Acres.

The support we received from the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council was integral to the success of our events. Being able to feature local talent provides exposure for the artists and was appreciated by our attendees. Being able to secure funding from the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council was important to our overall programming.

Linda Meschke

Rural Advantage

founder and president


Klassen shows she cares

To the Editor:

I have had the privilege of door-knocking for Heather Klassen’s campaign for Minnesota House 23A. There are two things that have really impressed me and speak to Heather’s character. First, Heather knocks on everyone’s door, not just those on the registered voter lists we carry. She said she “wants to have some honest conversations and listen to a lot of different people.” She also said, “that as our representative, she wants to speak for everyone, include everyone, and fight for everyone in our district.” Heather has been working extremely hard to reach and talk to everyone in our district.

The second thing that impressed me was the number of people who told me, “You are the first person to ever knock on my door.” I told this to Heather and her reply was, “That’s why we knock on everyone’s door. I don’t want to take anyone’s vote for granted.” So far to date, Heather has knocked on over 11,000 doors. This includes every door in all the towns of District 23A and some rural ones too. I am proud to support Heather, knowing that if she works this hard to earn your vote, she will work even harder to represent you.

Greg Graif