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Klassen understands

To the Editor:

I’m formerly from Jackson and I would like to tell you how Heather Klassen helped me navigate the health care insurance system and why it mattered for me.

Heather is a candidate for the District 23A seat in the Minnesota Legislature. She absolutely understands how critical this issue is in our state. I know how much Heather cares about her community and the people in it. I was thrilled when she decided to run for political office because I knew she was doing it for all the right reasons.

I first got to know Heather Klassen several years ago as a daily customer in my coffee shop in Jackson. Through the years and over a lot of coffee and conversation, her extended family and ours became interwoven through children and community.

I hadn’t been to a doctor in roughly five years. I had lost my previous insurance because like many other people, I could no longer afford the increased premiums and higher deductibles. Heather heard about my insurance issue and reached out to help. She helped me through the application process and I was able to qualify for MNsure.

Just last spring, I had a major health scare that threatened not only to derail my entire life, but to seriously shorten it. To say it completely floored me is an understatement. Why am I sharing this now? Because I was one of the lucky ones. When I suddenly had some really scary symptoms, I was able to go to the doctor, who referred me directly to a specialist. That specialist gave me a terrifying diagnosis and sent me on to a cardiologist for further testing and treatment planning. Several weeks later, after more tests and appointments, I received a revised diagnosis and hope. So, as a result, I made major life changes, to say the least, and now I’m OK.

If I hadn’t had insurance when my symptoms started, I likely would not have gone to the doctor. We all know people just like me going without medical care for the same reason, with catastrophic results. All of that medical care I was able to access — it was because I was able to obtain affordable insurance just a short time before.

Heather understands the concerns of rural Minnesota and is exactly who we need to represent those concerns at the state level.

Susan Reiter


Support Feehan

To the Editor:

In a world strife with chaos and daily bombshells, many of us long for days of stability and emotional maturity.

We long for political leaders who have a grasp of empathy and understanding, as well as the desire to champion for all Americans.

All across the United States this election cycle, countless incredible candidates have risen to the challenge and are running for public office.

These candidates are offering us a healthy alternative to those who embrace attacks on our democracy, minimize minorities,and put special interests above those of hard-working Minnesotans.

These leaders are a breath of fresh air in a system that has been bogged down with the toxicity from recent years and offer us a chance at real positive change.

Leaders such as congressional candidate Dan Feehan are dedicated to the honest hard-working men and women who live in District 1.

As a young father, teacher and veteran, Feehan brings real true understanding to many of the challenges and concerns that Minnesotan families face.

Turning down corporate PAC dollars and instead focusing on real people, with real issues, Feehan demonstrates a desire to make positive healthy change for the people living in the district he will serve.

I am so honored to support and stand with Dan Feehan, and spread the great message he brings to Minnesota. Join me and countless others as we support him on Nov. 6.

Nick Weerts