Priorities seem mixed up

Priorities seem mixed up

To the Editor:

As a retired senior citizen in Fairmont, I have questions about the priorities of the city fathers.

All through the winter, spring and now summer, I have been waiting for the potholes to be filled in the city’s streets. I was surprised to see that the council was so willing to spend so much money on the “Trail to Nowhere.” What would it cost to fill the potholes as compared to building the trail?

Now the city fathers seem to be bent on spending money they don’t have for a community center. I was one who voted for the half-cent sales tax increase, but I didn’t think that automatically indicated I wanted the city to go into debt and increase property taxes for a facility that will have unknown operating costs.

Many of the aspects of the community center seem to duplicate and compete with private business ventures in the city. Was a study performed that looked into the existing facilities in the city? We already have exercise facilities, meeting rooms and large group facilities. Sure memberships and/or rents must be paid to use these, but will these be “free” at our future community center? I think not.

These things are supposed to help entice families and businesses to move to Fairmont. We have excellent schools, many choices of medical services, restaurants, grocery stores, wonderful parks, service organizations, Opera House and Concert Association programs, etc. What is the impression visitors get when they visit Fairmont and have to dodge potholes in the streets and try not to notice the many rundown homes and businesses? I think having a community center is just an effort to keep up with the “Joneses.”

P.S. – What a great job city workers did in cleaning up after the storm and restoring power.

Michael Lundgreen