Readers’ Views

Please keep seniors in mind

To the Editor:

These comments are written in response to an article titled “City plans forum on rec center” that appeared Sept. 25 in the Sentinel.

In my “Reader’s View” article published Sept. 20 that included criticisms of the cost of the planned community center, I never attempted to speak for all the people living in Fairmont, certainly not the wealthier residents. My comments were from one retired senior citizen to the City Council, city officials, teachers and those affected seniors. It’s a fact that most young people leave Fairmont.

Council members Zarling and Hasek are commended for questioning an “increase by 6.25 percent in property taxes to pay for the community center.” City officials should find ways to save money, instead of spending ever-increasing tax money on superfluous projects that some people desire. Senior citizens can live with less city and school infrastructure, but many on fixed incomes cannot lead normal healthy lives with increased taxes. Most seniors do not want to live on welfare or food stamps.

Henry W. Roehler


Take a look around you

To the Editor:

A sad, but true reality, hunger is a hometown reality. On my city block, there are 24 hungry, needy children. Even with food programs available, other reasons cause their hunger.

One child claims 18 people live in her house. Her parents are at work. One was denied supper because she was naughty. Another says her dad is drunk and passed out on the kitchen floor. My wife and a neighbor lady take turns providing the children a hot meal, or maybe a donut in the morning.

Please increase awareness of your surroundings. Your children share classrooms with these children. In a community worried about rec centers and trail systems, we need to also be aware that nearly half the kids are hungry at school. Nourish body and mind. They are our future.

Curtis Myers