Readers’ Views

Stop raising our taxes

To the Editor:

As a retired Fairmont senior citizen, I have a few comments concerning editorials and views expressed in the Sept. 20 Sentinel:

1. Senior citizens living on fixed incomes in Fairmont are tired of tax increases. The city should stop raising sales taxes and property taxes.

2. Stop all funding for the +/- $25 million planned community center. Either design a smaller center with less facilities that the city can afford or abandon the idea altogether.

3. In the Reader’s View section, Dan Kehrberg listed at least 12 “complaints” about what teachers are required to do. He also stated that some teachers are so underpaid that they may require food stamps. If he is dissatisfied with his teaching “job” maybe he should find a different one that pays better.

4. Jack Hansen’s article in the Reader’s View concerning new senators is certainly on track. Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith are disasters and need to be replaced, regardless of political party.

5. Senior citizens must become more reactive to events that take place in this city.

Henry W. Roehler