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Elect Diane Sanders

To the Editor:

Martin County citizens have had the privilege of the experience and services provided by County Recorder Diane Sanders for over 23 years, first as chief deputy county recorder, and then as the county recorder upon the retirement of Kay Wrucke. How do I know this? I worked alongside Diane for 17 years before my retirement.

She is dedicated to her profession and has complete knowledge of real estate records and the recording process. The records of all real estate which Diane’s office provides is what makes up the abstracts the abstractor’s office generates. The Recorder’s Office also provides information on the Property Fraud Alert Program.

It must be noted that real estate is not the only service the Recorder’s Office provides, as many citizens can attest. Do you need a marriage license? How about birth certificates, or are you traveling and need information on obtaining passports? If you are into genealogy you will benefit from the services provided at the Recorder’s Office. Death records are obtained there along with Notary Public filings and Ordination Certificate fillings of clergymen.

Diane also works closely with the area Veterans Service Office and the Veterans Honor Rewards program.

She attends meetings with other county recorders to keep on top of any changes. Since this is her only profession, she can dedicate her entire time to the services the Recorder’s Office provides.

Customer service has always been her top priority and she values the records that she has been entrusted to maintain. She is a life-long resident of Martin County and has considerable knowledge of the local cities and rural communities as well.

It was a privilege working with Diane and I can attest to the knowledge and dedication of this individual. Please take time to evaluate her work ethics and years of experience when casting your vote. Elect Diane Sanders for Martin County Recorder.

Kathy Simmering


Honoring their roles

To the Editor:

The week of Sept. 9-15 has been designated as “Direct Support Professionals Recognition Week.” This recognition is intended to recognize and honor the important role that direct support workers play in the lives of people with disabilities and in the communities where they live and work.

Direct support professionals provide support that allows people with disabilities to stay connected to communities and assists them to live meaningful and productive lives. The work that direct support professionals do helps people with disabilities to live, work, play and learn in the ways we all hope to live our lives.

Locally, direct support professionals work for people with disabilities in their homes, at school and at work. Members of the Interagency Disability Providers Group employ over 400 people in positions that directly work with people with disabilities in services in Faribault and Martin counties.

The Interagency Disability Providers Group would like to publicly recognize and thank these employees for the valuable work they do that makes a difference every day. We look forward to continuing to help our local communities include people with disabilities in our daily lives. Support from community members to recognize these individuals and to encourage legislators to financially support the services they do will be much appreciated. Contact a member of the Interagency Disability Providers Group for more information.

Susan Eisenmenger

on behalf of Faribault & Martin

Counties Interagency

Providers Group