Walz rolls out COVID-19 data dashboard website

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minnesota state government rolled out a new COVID-19 dashboard as a one-stop shop for residents to see the latest data on the state’s response to the pandemic as well as information on how to protect themselves.

The website, which will be updated daily, includes detailed data on available ventilators and intensive care beds, personal protective equipment such as N95 respirators, and testing numbers. The information is critical for planners as the state prepares for a surge in cases in the coming weeks.

The dashboard also includes the latest statistics on the spread of COVID-19 across Minnesota, jobless claims, the availability of child care for critical workers, and how well Minnesotans are practicing social distancing as measured by the decrease in freeway traffic, illustrated with graphics and charts.

Gov. Tim Walz unveiled the dashboard in a video address, in which he expressed appreciation for the sacrifices Minnesotans have made since his stay-at-home order took effect last Saturday. The goal of the order was to buy time for the state’s health care system to gear up for the coming peak in cases, and the dashboard provides some key indicators for how the state is doing.


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