Museum offers Houdini exhibit

MILWAUKEE (AP) — Maybe this will be the year Harry Houdini finally reveals himself.

The escape artist died on Halloween in 1926 and since that time, family, friends and fans have been trying to make contact with Houdini, who had made a pact with his wife, Bess, that whoever died first would extend contact from beyond the grave.

Bess never succeeded and neither have others who have held seances on the eerie anniversary.

But that’s not stopping the Jewish Museum Milwaukee. Officials here are under no illusion that they’ll get a signal from Houdini, but are hosting a Halloween night seance from 7-9 p.m. anyway as a way to bring people into the museum to check out their largest exhibit to date, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

“Inescapable: The Life and Legacy of Harry Houdini” runs through Jan. 5 and tells the story of Houdini, who as a child lived in Wisconsin, first in Appleton and then in Milwaukee. He went on to become an international star performing in vaudeville, making films and escaping from straitjackets, milk cans, trunks and water-filled tanks.

Houdini spent much of his life trying to debunk seances, fortune tellers and mediums, and even testified before Congress. If by chance he does make contact later this month on Milwaukee’s East Side, it would be a blow to Houdini’s theory, but a major bonus for those attending the museum event that will include tarot card readers, a Houdini-inspired escape room and visitors and staff in costumes.


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